Bronx Woodworks is a New York based custom furniture and design studio envisioned by Brad Miller. What started in a 10'x10' second bedroom in an apartment a several years ago is now a fully functioning studio.  Through my humble beginnings I am constantly trying to push the envelope of what I can achieve through furniture. This is why I strive to create the highest quality pieces with unique care and craftsmanship and dedicate many hours to making sure it is accomplished to perfection.  



 The South Bronx plays a pivotal role in the story of Bronx Woodworks as it has defined me as a maker and gives me the inspiration for what we do.  It is important to me to represent properly the neighborhood in which i live and work. As we continue to grow we will always look for opportunities to engrain ourselves in the fabric of the neighborhood and seek every chance to build upon the foundation that already exists in this storied part of New York City.